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Herbal Medicine

A Different Level of CBD


 Island Therapeutics offers a unique wellness experience for all, by providing the best unrefined CBD and other cannabinoid products from premium hemp. Our relentless commitment to integrity, transparency and quality is something our customers will see and feel. 

And that's just the beginning.



We believe you have the right to know exactly what is inside your CBD products. So we've made it our mission to always accurately represent our products with total transparency, which allows us to present our customers with the purest CBD goods for personal medicating.  

 We are a family owned and operated business located on a small island off the coast of Massachusetts. We offer high potency & quality CBD products that are made from hemp plants grown in natural environments. All our products are GMP, Kosher, & Vegan Certified, and lab tested.


We strive to give you the best and hope you decide to become part of our family.

Live Well, Live Honest, Live Therapeutic

Our Whole Plant Approach

We believe that in order to harness hemp to its full potential, a full-spectrum CBD product is the only way to go, as an isolated approach to hemp potentially neglects the holistic benefits included in utilizing the whole plant. 

By using the whole plant our products include over 100 different terpene profiles of healing properties that are not typically present in the regular CBD derived from seed or isolate. We are proud to say all our Full-Spectrum Hemp Derived CBD products offer our customers the ‘entourage effect’.

 Here are the cannabinoids you’ll find in our extracts:



May help strengthen the effects of CBD and has been used to help treat nausea.



May help support a natural inflammatory response.s.


May help support mental focus.



May help support better sleep and a more regulated immune system.



May help support a normal inflammatory response and is commonly used for pain related conditions.


May help support greater joint mobility and a calm, relaxed mood.

Commercial hemp farming in a greenhouse.
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